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You are the only thing in this whole process of home buying that has made my experience not only bearable but absolutely amazing. I have faced so many hurdles throughout this process and because of you, we were able to overcome every single obstacle.

Every time I would get down, you would lift me back up and reassure me that everything would be ok. You never let me down. I cannot thank you enough for making my dream of buying a home a reality. I have talked to others that have just told me "no". You were the first to walk me through the process to turn "no" into "maybe' and "maybe" into "yes". You bent over backwards to get things done. You are an amazing person and I am so very thankful that yours was the 1st face I saw when I walked through the doors at Oakwood.

I have already recommended you to my best friend's parents (who bought a home from you) and will continue to recommend you to anyone I meet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your outstanding customer service, your hard work and your determination. I am so proud to know you.

Brandy Stargell

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